ILMT Software Catalog import fails with CODDB2139E code

Please follow below step for increase log file size on DB2 krab.
1. Log on to ILMT-Server with user Administrator and open Command Prompt windows.
2. In Command Prompt windows type db2cmd, then new Command Prompt will popup with title named DB2 CPL – DB2COPY1.
Inline image 1

3. Go to new Command Prompt title named DB2 CPL – DB2COPY1 and enter command as below. This step will perform increase log file size and restart DB2 database.
db2 connect to TLMA
db2 UPDATE db cfg using LOGFILSIZ 6000
db2 force applications all
Inline image 2
4. Stop/Start ILMT service and open Web interface.
Inline image 3
5. Start Import Software Catalog again.
Inline image 1
6. Done.


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